Paint protection film or clear bras are clear urethane films that are installed onto your vehicles painted surfaces to protect against stone chips and other hazards that come with driving your vehicle.

How We install the Film

Installing the film is not as simple as just putting the film down and calling it a day. Prepping the car is every bit as important as installing the film. Prepping the car for a clear bra includes washing the vehicle where the film is being applied, brushing out body lines and seams to ensure there is no dirt left behind. Specks of dirt and debris look like dots and chips under the film, the exact thing you are trying to avoid. Clay barring the paint surface to ensure it is as smooth as possible and finally polishing the paint surface to ensure the paint is as pristine as possible (once you install the film, the paint surface is sealed, so you need to make sure it looks as good as possible. Because the environment we install the film in plays such a major role in the end result, we need to install the film in a clean, climate controlled area. If the area is not relatively clean, dirt and dust in the area WILL get picked up by the film resulting in a not so clear, clear bra. It also needs to be warm (a minimum of 60 degrees F but 70 or above is significantly better) otherwise, the film will not lay down as nicely and it becomes difficult to work with resulting in sub par installs.

Kits and Custom Pieces

Because so many cars have clear bras on them now, the kits we cut out on our plotter are getting increasingly accurate. That being said, we almost always alter the design, extending it towrapthe film around as many edges as realistically possible. This ensures a cleaner, less noticeable install than most shops, as well as increased coverage. We can remove badges and emblems to ensure an even cleaner install, however we do not supply replacements (we will install new badges after removal at customers request).


We strictly use Xpel films. After trying many different films over the years, we found Xpel Ultimate to be the best installed look and their warranty is among the best in the industry. We also offer XPEL Stealth Film for Matte finished paints to retain your vehicles finish. We do offer other films from 3M, but we install those strictly by request.

Why Choose Us?

We get the question asking us if we are "factory trained" very often. This is not a question that should determine which installer you use. The film companies "factory training" typically lasts for 2 days and involves more on how to market their product than actual installation. All of our installers have been working with paint protection film for at least 7 years. Our lead installer has been doing installs for just under 15 years! You have to ask yourself, do you want a 2 day trained installer or installers that have been working with film for nearly a decade?


Clear bras are definitely one of those services that you get what you pay for. You may be able to find a slightly cheaper price, but you won't find a better install. We remove several clear bras per month because of poor installs due to dirt in the film, stretch marks, or poor fitting kits from shops that offer cheaper deals. It is fairly common to find cut marks and poorly prepped paint like the picture above. Don't let a bargain price sway you, because it often becomes significantly more expensive in the end.

Below Are some Common installs as well as pricing for specific pieces