Does XPEL Ultimate Film Actually Heal Itself?

Yes.....and no. Anything that is in the clear coat of the film will typically heal itself in under an hour. Anything that makes its way below that clear coat WILL NOT. Some think that if you scratch the film with keys or anything sharp it will heal, it won't.

What is the Warranty on the XPEL Film?

"XPEL warranty's XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for ten (10) years from the date of purchase. Covered defects include: yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering and delaminating. This warranty does not extend coverage to damage caused by normal wear and tear, road debris impact, accidents, collisions or intentional damage of any kind."

How long after painting a vehicle should I wait to install a clear bra?

This all depends on how the vehicle was painted. Typically 2-4 weeks will be all the cure time you need. It is worthwhile to note, that if your car was re-painted the risk of the film peeling the new paint or clear coat off is much greater than if it were factory paint. If a car was not prepped properly before painting the paint is very susceptible to peeling. When we notice a car was re-painted, we have customers sign a form acknowledging that we informed them of the risks of applying the film and absolving us of any liability from paint peeling.

I bought film online, will you install it?

Yes, however we assume no liability for future yellowing or any film issues. On a side note, most pre-cut kits you buy online will have fitment issues and often have been sitting around for a while. It is best to let your installer (whether you use us or someone else) to supply the film to take advantage of warranties and any issues you would have in the future.