Our Paint Correction Services aim to remove as many scratches and imperfections as possible from your vehicles finish. It is important to remember that some scratches cannot be “buffed out” or even sanded out and even the best touch up paint is never a perfect fix for deep scratches. Because of so many variables, it is impossible to have a set price. Typically a vehicle can be completed in one day, however, it is not uncommon to need well over 12 hours to fully correct a paint surface. Paint correction can be done in as few as 2 steps of compounding and polishing or as many as 6, it completely depends on how bad the vehicles condition is, as well as your desires for what the finished product will look like. A Typical 4 step Paint Correction is outlined below

Step 1: The Prep

  • Cleaning of the wheel surface and barrel, tires and wheel wells
  • Removing any bug and tar residue from driving
  • Cleaning all door jambs
  • Top side engine cleaning
  • Brush out all cracks and crevasses
  • Pre-Wash
  • Clay Bar
  • Wash

Step 2: Compounding

  • Taping up any areas that we do not want to buff (windows seals, emblems, etc)
  • Heavy Compound with Heavy Aggressive Buffing Pad to remove any scratches or blemishes
  • Heavy Compound with Medium-Light Buffing pad to lessen the hazing that all heavy compounds put in paint (essential step that many detailers skip)

Step 3: Re-Wash

  • Re-wash entire vehicle thoroughly to remove any residual compound and compound dust (as the compound breaks down and the carrier liquid is used up, the grit that makes up all compounds forms a dust that gets in most cracks and crevasses.
  • 再保险干整个车

Step 4: Polishing and Sealing

  • Polishing the paint surface with a light-medium grade polish with a Heavy Aggressive Buffing Pad
  • Polishing the paint surface with a light polish and medium-light grade polishing pad
  • Application of paint sealant or coating
  • Application of additional sealant or carnauba wax
  • Spray waxing entire vehicle, removing all residual waxes, sealants, etc.

Since prices can vary so greatly for our paint correction services, we like to see the vehicle or at least discuss what you are looking for and figure out a good price range. The labor rate for paint correction is $75.00/hour. A 4 step paint correction as outlined above on a mid-sized vehicle (BMW M3, Porsche 911, etc) typically takes over 12 hours