What Products Do you use?

This is sometimes a difficult question to answer. Different car conditions as well as the age of the vehicle can change what products we use. However, we use only the best products from companies like Chemical Guys, Sonax, Leatherique, Collinite, and Meguiars.

How Long does a detail take?

The simplest answer is it takes as long as it takes. Typically a Complete detail takes between 7-10 hours depending on vehicle size and condition. We do not set a time limit with how long a detail takes, simply because there are so many variables that go into detailing at a high level it is impossible to know. Which is also why we give a small range in price when quoting a job. Typically $50 or less.

How Often Should I get my Vehicle Detailed?

This question is entirely based upon the environmental conditions the car is in, as well as how often the car is used. Daily drivers we recommend 2 Full Details per year with either exterior detail in between or a wash and seal to ensure a high level of protection throughout the entire year. Cars that are driven less we would reccomend 1 Full detail per year and 1 additional exterior wash and seal.

What Happens if the weather is poor on the day I scheduled my car?

No Problem. Since we do most detailing outside, weather plays a major role in our ability to work. Plus, no one wants to have to drive there vehicle in bad weather after just getting a detail.

Do You Detail in the Winter?

Yes. So long as the temperature is near or above 45 degrees F. Full details need to be spaced between two days very often as well, due to sunlight constraints.

What Forms of Payment do you take?

All three major forms of payment - Credit Cards, Checks and Cash